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Our devotion to beautiful flowers and customer services is inspired by many things. Owner Mindy Owens is an avid gardener and loves incorporating textures and colors in my designs. “I love going to the local nurseries and experimenting with plant material that can add creative touches to my arrangements. I’m particularly aware of wildflowers that grow along the highways and have been known to stop the car and examine them!” She also uses her backyard water feature as inspiration for foliage and unexpected beautiful lotus pods.


Lime Design is careful not to exceed its capacity for a particular date. The team is sure to make each client feel valued and accommodated in every way. This is an important lesson learned through Mindy's floral shop and event experience, professionally and personally. Her daughters were debutantes in Kansas City’s Jewel Ball and Belles of the American Royal and she has had the joy of being the mother of the bride! The team understands the tremendous effort it takes to put on such spectacular events; particularly the floral design portion. 

Mindy carries that same expectation to her corporate events, personalized weddings, intimate tea parties, and single arrangements. “Our team examines each flower before they are delivered. We take the time to do things right."

Lime Design is a family affair as Mindy incorporates all members of her clan into her passionate projects. Her husband is by far their best delivery man and critique! Mindy's enthusiasm and background as a former grade school teacher has her constantly sharing seasonal tips and gardening ideas with her children and grandchildren. There's always a lesson to be learned with flowers! 

Lime Design is fortunate to have nurtured many relationships in the floral industry. Their team includes freelance designers who have talent and vast experience to inspire and assist in their floral projects. “I come with humility and openness to learn from others

as I believe together, you get a better result,” said Mindy. "Our business offers flowers to all who enjoy them. Recently we've become involved in private corporate events and church altar flower ministry. Every project is new and freshly designed." 


Contact Lime Design with your inspiration and, together, we will create your flower dreams and exceed your expectations! Email to start the conversation.


the lime design team
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